Indian Australian Bollywood Actress PALLAVI SHARDA Cast In Warner Brothers Live Adaptation Of “Tom And Jerry”

PALLAVI SHARDA is another Asian Australian I follow religiously because she has carved herself an awesome career as an actress in Bollywood and in the UK. But now she is taking on Hollywood and has just been cast in the Warner Brothers upcoming live adaptation of “Tom and Jerry”. Starring alongside Asian American comedian KEN JEONG as well as a host of other known American actors, Sharda will definitely be an asset to this live adaptation.

Sharda has been confirmed to be plating the character Preeta in the film. It has also been released that even though this is a live adaptation, the characters of Tom and Jerry will be animated so it will be interesting to see how this film pans out. Here is an excerpt or 2 from Mashable India on the casting of Sharda in “Tom and Jerry”:

Image via Mashable India

While we’re still reeling from the news, the production is underway and is already completing the casting phase of the film. Four actors have been added to the cast line-up of the upcoming film we hear from The Hollywood Reporter. The actors roped in for the project include Ken Jeong (Crazy Rich Asians), Rob Delaney (Catastrophe), Jordan Bolger (The 100) and Indian Australian actress Pallavi Sharda. The actress is known for her roles in Lion, Besharam. Beecham House and Hawaizaada.

Character details are yet to be revealed but, most of the cast has been assigned characters. Ken Jeong will play Jackie, Delaney will play a Dubros, Bolger will play Cameron and Pallavi Sharda will play Preeta. We can’t wait to see how the human cast fits in with Tom and Jerry. The cartoons never let you get a peek at the human characters’ faces, but this version, like the animated movies, will have a fleshed-out human cast to aid the story.

Can’t wait to check this out when it is finished filming and released!

Images via Mashable India

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