FYI Reminder: You Will See CHRIS PANG In The Upcoming “CHARLIE’S ANGELS” Reboot

When you hear the franchise title “CHARLIE’S ANGELS” your thoughts automatically revert to seeing 3 sassay, bad ass women who fight the bad people, and look good doing it. It is definitely a franchise name which remains in so many people’s memories over a number of decades.

But what I plan to point out is that there is a new reboot by Sony, which won’t hit the screens till November 15, but from the trailer it looks pretty awesome. But the best part of this is our very own Asian Australian heartthrob CHRIS PANG has joined the cast! Where his character is still not public knowledge, I am sure we will see him in some awesome action scenes.

All of this is not necessarily “new news”, but it is worth noting and worth supporting particularly if you are Asian/Asian Australian. Don’t forget support our peeps!

Now I will stop ranting and let you check out the trailer which was released in June… FYI – you will see Pang right off the bat in the trailer! Enjoy!

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