Vote 1- MICHAEL HING Of ONE ASIAN PARTY For The Australian Senate???

"Michael Hing and One Nation Party - where can I get that T-shirt"

On the day Australian Prime Minister SCOTT MORRISON announces that the Australian Federal Election will be held on May 18 of this year, many of us anticipating the announcement were waiting for it, then hoping Morrison would just shut up. The 2 major parties being the Government – Liberals (conservatives) and the Labor Party are no longer “inspiring” for many voters, so really the question is – what are the alternatives for Australian voters.

Many who are left leaning will vote for the Greens, but for many others, who are non-political and/or don’t necessarily sit on the left there really is not any other options (outside of the major parties). Yes, there are the Independents, but that is it. On the other side, we have the extreme right wing/white supremacist/ racist Senators and political parties – i.e. Senator Fraser Anning ( who will be running candidates for the election under his new political party), and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party, who gets turned on by preaching an agenda all about hate and “keeping Australia white”.

So out of all the doom and gloom within Australian politics, all of a sudden a breath of fresh air came into our lives. A video emerged of comedian and broadcaster MICHAEL HING talking about his bid to run for the Australian Senate under his new political party “ONE ASIAN” ( yes a play on “ONE NATION”). What are his policies? Well nothing yet, but he is crowd sourcing to anyone who checks out his videos and his website to help him create his policies. Is he being legit? Or is he just taking a piss at the expense of Australian politics?

Well, when I first watched it, I thought he was joking, but he really is legitimately running for the Senate, and really why not? Australia’s system of electing Senators is complete shit, and that is what Hing and his party ONE ASIAN is trying to prove. Considering we have so many clowns in Australian politics, it is refreshing to see this happen. Don’t forget Senator Anning became a Senator on a $200,000 a year salary just by getting 19 votes, which gives him the platform to be a racist shit head. This was what he said (in his video) which confirmed that he was being “mostly legit” about standing:

“This is 100% for real, getting elected Senator is actually easier than you think. Do you remember Senator Fraser Anning? How many primary votes do you think he got? 19. “

But more so, I think this will be an interesting experiment to not only expose how poor the system is but it will also encourage more of us Asian Australians, Indigenous and POC Australians to know that we all have opportunities to run for politics without having to go through the draconian processes of the major political parties, which from personal experience is extremely racially biased.

Oh and in case you missed “ONE ASIAN’S” video above, here it is again:

So in saying all this, I am definitely on board on MICHAEL HING – ONE ASIAN team, and the last thing I want to say is – where can I get that “ONE ASIAN” t-shirt?

Check out his website here and tell him what you want him to stand for!~

Images via One Asian Party website

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  1. Michael Hings One AustralASIAN party would be a good name.
    Slogan = put a 1 above the line.

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