ABC’s “You Can’t Ask That”, Focuses On Chinese Australians

ABC Australia at times hit the mark with its content, and at other times totally misses the point, so it will be interesting to watch one of its upcoming episodes of “You Can’t Ask That”, which tackles questions which are discriminatory, racist and inappropriate to ask Chinese Australians. Looking through some of the Chinese Australians featured in the episode, I can proudly say I know a few of them, know their politics, so this should be a decent episode. Here is an excerpt from ABC News on the premise of the show (via ABC News):

“”Everywhere I look there is a Chinese person. What’s wrong with your own country? Are you as scared of your government as we are? What does dog taste like?”

In an episode featuring Chinese Australians, the cast took turns reading and answering questions ranging from their feelings about the Chinese government and experiences of racism during the pandemic to their sense of belonging in Australia.””

This is what 74 year old Douglas Lam told ABC News:

“My allegiance is to Australia, 100 per cent dinky-di.”

“To the question of “what’s wrong with your own country” he answered: “Australia is my country.”

“I’ve been here a lot longer than you — bugger you,” “

This is what 34 year old Jinghua Qian told ABC News:

“I’m more scared of the Chinese government than the average Australian because I have more at stake.”

“There is an underlying assumption there that unless we are extreme vocal dissidents that we support the Chinese government,” 

This episode of “You Can’t Ask That” premieres on ABC on Wednesday, June 9 at 9pm (AEDT).

Images via ABC News

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