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Chinese Australian Kelly Hamilton, New Addition To “The Wiggles” Cast

For those who grew up with The Wiggles, will know how their songs and presences on TV formed and shaped many childhoods in Australia and all over the world. The original crew already included a Chinese Australian in Jeff Fact ( who has since retired from the team), and there has been a complete turnover of a new team since 2013 up till now. Well, the good news is there will be even more cast members added to the crew and they all come from culturally and gender diverse backgrounds.

The new crew members will join The Wiggles as part of their new YouTube series called Fruit Salad TV. According to the ABC, the purpose of adding the new crew members is for:

“seeking to inspire a diverse audience with its gender-balanced and diverse cast” and make sure children around the world “see themselves reflected on the screen”.

The new crew members include 3 women and 1 male, with 2 of the women wearing pants in the series. 45 years old Chinese Australian Kelly Hamilton will be the 2nd yellow Wiggle and she will be singing and talking whilst skateboarding around Wiggle town. She joins Latin dance champion, 15 year old Tsehay Hawkins who will be the 2nd red wiggle who is adopted and Ethiopian background, ballet dancer 24 year old Evie Ferris who is Indigenous background who will be the 2nd blue Wiggle. 30 year old John Pearce, who was a former member of dance group Justice Crew will round up the team as the 2nd purple Wiggle.

This is pretty awesome with the diversity, showing diverse kids everywhere that they can be represented – what a great statement to make!

Fruit Salad TV will debut on September 4 on YouTube and be available globally.

Images via ABC

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