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Grade 5 Asian Australian Becomes One Of The Youngest Aussies To Author A Scientific Paper

Here is something pretty amazing to boast about. Perth boy, 10 year old Rehan Somaweera has become one of the youngest Australians to author a published scientific paper. The discovery made by Rehan is a unique marine discovery known as nuclear-follower behaviour. Rehan’s father Ru, who got Rehan into scuba diving and who studies animal behavior for a living stated that this behaviour may not be new, but is uncommon for a brown-spotted wrasse fish following the common WA octopus.

Ru, tells ABC News:

“We know that certain animals that disturb the flow when they’re feeding, creates feeding opportunities for other animals,”

“Getting something in a well-received, international journal as your first ever publication when you’re 10-years-old, I think that’s a big hit,” 

“It’s not a massive research project but what was important, or what was exciting about this, is getting a child involved in actual research.” 

What a great achievement and it looks like we are seeing a budding scientist or biologist in the future.

Images via ABC News Australia

To read the original article, please click on: Perth boy Rehan Somaweera has become one of Australia’s youngest authors of a scientific paper

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