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Asian Australian Women Create DIY Bubble Tea Kits And Breaks Crowd Funding Records

Melbourne duo Pam Yip and Jenny Le owners of DIY bubble tea kits – “Bubble Tea Club”, has broken The Australian record for its crowdfunding efforts on Birchal equity crowdfunding raise platform. The record pertains to the number of people making expressions of interest with close to 3,000 people pledging investments. Bubble tea is definitely on the minds of many with this venture, and what a great idea it is! Also, isn’t it awesome that it is owned and operated by young Asian Australian women? I am sure there is more expressions of interest and monetary investments to come…

Both co-founders have smashed other records in raising investment for the venture. The idea behind the “Bubble Tea Club” is that the DIY kit would cost the customer for a basic bubble tea around $1.75 a cup, which is definitely cheaper than buying it at the store – also it is suitable for the current climate where people are staying at home. How awesome is it, to have everything you need and instructions to make this popular drink.

Here is more from Women’s Agenda:

Pam Yi said her team has been working hard in the last few months, and that this moment was very exciting. 

“This is a real pinch me moment,” she said. “We are so excited to begin our raise, and we’ll try not to blink as it may be over very quickly because the pledges that are registered are far more than the $2m in shares we have up for grabs.” 

To think, this all started in lockdown last year after losing our jobs, and now Bubble Tea Club is responsible for creating jobs.” 

Jenny Le said she was blown away by the support from her community.

We’ve always placed a strong emphasis on social engagement, and pardon the pun but it’s truly paid off for us,” she said.  

Interested and want to find out more? You can check out the “Bubble Tea Club” website!~~

Image via Women’s Agenda

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