Meet Nina Nguyen, The Owner Of Award-Winning Custom Packaging + Print Company ‘Pakko’


Here is another awesome business owner to know and find out more about!Nina Nguyen is the founder of award-winning custom packaging and print company “Pakko” in 2017. But before “Pakko”, Nguyen founded “The Box Company” as an import operation and learned the ins and outs of the industry.

She tells @AuManufacturing:

“Over the years I faced things like the exchange rates, the language barriers and the lead times; I had no control, and all that really got me frustrated,”

“Why can’t we make that here in Australia? And I’m like, ‘Why aren’t there companies in Australia that can manufacture this with no minimum order quantities and good lead times?”

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Great idea! Though, Nguyen said she works in this industry with caution as she is new to manufacturing and didn’t want to make any mistakes. The Box Company was Pakko’s first customer and now it has grown with Telco companies and pharmaceutical companies ( which make up 30% of their business – grown since the COVID pandemic).

Business talk aside, Nguyen also wants to have a fun and inspiring workplace. Pakko currently employs 25 workers half of whom are female.

“If you create the environment to be fun, engaging and inspiring… people will look at you completely different and say, ‘you know what? That company is a lot different to the other manufacturing companies that I know of,” 

“Why? It’s the culture and the people that come together to make it fun and to make it like, ‘Yes, I want to be here because I want to contribute because it’s going to be meaningful to whoever touches the end product.’ That’s my view, anyway.” 

Nguyen has won major awards and accolades for Pakko and their business is web based, so customers can create packaging to their needs and requirements.

Image via @AuManufacturing and Facebook

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