Labor Candidate For Reid Sally Sitou Gets Told On Twitter She Shouldn’t Be Running Due To Her Chinese Heritage

No surprises here. The anti-Asian racism and hate in Australia continues to happen, and as usual if you are a political candidate of Asian background you are automatically assumed to be disloyal and connected to the Chinese Communist Party. This othering and treatment as a perpetual foreigner happens time and time again, and Asian Australian political candidates continue to receive racism out in the public and over social media.

Labor candidate for Reid Sally Sitou has come out strongly against racist messages she has been receiving over Twitter.

What happened?

image via Sally Sitou Labor for Reid Facebook page

Who Is Sally Sitou?

The Federal Electorate of Reid

In addition to Sitou, there are other Asian Australians running, and we will be doing interviews with a few of them ( coming soon). All in all, the racism Sitou is receiving is wrong and this anti-Asian hate really needs to stop.

Images via Sally Sitou – Labor for Reid Facebook page

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