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Remy Hii Joins The Cast Of Netflix Franchise “The Princess Switch 3” 

It is always a great day when we can report on positive things happening to Asian Australians – and actor Remy Hii is kicking so many goals. Coming off from Hollywood successes like Spiderman: Far From Home and Crazy Rich Asians, Hii joins the cast of popular Netflix festive season franchise “The Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star”, and will star alongside Vanessa Hudgens.

The film will be released on Netflix in Australia today, so remember to mark down that date to check it out and support our own.

Here are some things he told Refinery 29 Australia about what its like to be part of this film and work alongside Vanessa Hudgens:

It’s a great, fun movie and it [the series] has such a huge audience. I don’t think that they [Netflix] expected how popular it was going to be, but the first two movies really blew up. I think that it was like the number one movie on Australian Netflix for quite some time.

But Vanessa was just like such a hard worker and she has to play three characters in this film,

It was really inspiring to see someone who’s been a part of this industry for so long, but is still so dedicated as well.

And how about his thoughts on the importance of representation of Asians? Hii refers to the successes of actors like Jimmy O’Yang on Netflix’ “Love Hard” and Simu Liu in “Shang-Chi” and tells Refinery 29 that the fight is more than just seeing Asian faces but it is to fight against problematic portrayals and looking at authenticity.

And if you are interested, Hii also featured in the final episode of “Adam and Poh’s Malaysia in Australia” cooking up a storm. Hii’s father is of Malaysian Chinese background.

“The Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star” will be released on Netflix in Australia today!

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