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Elderly Asian Man Racially Attacked By A Racist White Couple In Sydney

More anti-Asian racism in Australia – this time in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs and the racial attack was on an elderly Asian man who was just going about his day. Videos have emerged and gone viral as the white couple can be seen yelling racist rhetoric towards the Asian man, including calling him racist names and telling him to “go back to where he came from” and to “get out of their suburb” etc.

Here is what that couple said:

 ‘you’re inferior, I want to kill you, I’m going to kill you.”

“get out of our suburb… go, get back to Liverpool”

“You don’t live here,”

she’s then heard shouting, before yelling “ferret” towards him.

“get the f*** out of here, do you understand? Before I kill you”.

The elderly Asian man is 64 years old and was found by the racist couple going through the garbage looking for cans. In addition to being yelled at, he was also verbally threatened and rushed at ( meaning almost physically assaulted).

Lucky for the good bystanders who stepped in and intervened or else who knows what would have happened. This incident of racism almost mirrors what has happened in the USA with the elderly attacks in Oakland and this type of anti-Asian racism doesn’t appear to want to stop.

In recently, released data, the Asian Australian Alliance has reported that to date they have received almost 550 reports of racism coming out of COVID-19 in Australia and together with GoFundMe, are running a #StopAsianHate Australia campaign with ambassadors such as Chris Pang, Remy Hii, Pallavi Sharda and Arka Das speaking on behalf of the campaign.

This type of incident is despicable and very representative of the Australia of today.

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  1. Appalling but not surprised by racists behaviour of white people attacking Asian person minding his own business. Obviously these white racists don’t follow values of a good Australian.

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