“Two Very Annoying Asians” On Receipt Posted Up By Venue Owner On Social Media For A Laugh

This situation shows how insensitive, offensive and racist many Australians are of those who come from an Asian background, and the one perpetrating this type of racism are those who do not experience racism in Australia at all. A receipt/docket was posted on social media with the words written “Two very annoying Asians” – which was describing 2 Asian background customers who entered and made an order at this venue. The photo emerged on Snapchat and is linked to one of the managers at the venue which is located in Brisbane.

According to Alex Madara, the image was posted by Shay Hayston on Snapchat, who is a co-owner of a number of cafes and venues across Brisbane. This is what the description posted by Hayston said:

An image of the docket, titled “two very annoying Asians”, was posted on Mr Hayston’s account, with a caption in the picture saying “Omg I love my staff” and three laughing emojis.

Madara said that this type of behaviour and post is not okay and questioned how common descriptions like these are.

Hayston has since apologised for posting up this image and talking about it loud and proud. Is it an apology? Well, we will leave that for your own discernment (via news.com.au):

“I’ve been a business owner in the Valley for more than six years, personally and professionally invested in diversity. I’m deeply disappointed and embarrassed at my actions as they go against everything I pride myself on,”

“Internally, I and my team will do better to ensure we uphold the diversity and inclusivity that is at our core.”

Image via News.com.au

To read the original article, please click on: Brisbane venue under fire after ‘two very annoying Asians’ docket emerges on Snapchat

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