Study Shows That 96% Of Vice-Chancellors In Australia Are White

This is not surprising at all. I mean, we don’t necessarily need a study to tell us that the overwhelming majority of top tier Australian university leadership positions are occupied by white/Caucasian. For those of us who attended university, think back to those days and what colour skin were those who were in charge? I can bet my bottom dollar that they were pretty much all white right?

An article published in “The Conversation” in December last year discussed the seriousness of this issue.

“In 2018, of the 699 governing council roles across Australia’s 41 universities, 94% of the incumbents had Caucasian and British backgrounds. The top tiers of senior executives were 94% Caucasian and British in background, as were 96% of vice-chancellors.”

Some of the findings presented in the article include:

“Research shows diverse groups outperform homogeneous groups in productivity and innovation over the long term. Universities need to play a long game too.”

There is always more advantages with diverse leadership as opposed to racially homogenous leadership. Considering universities are extremely diverse, it is logical that they keep up with the demographics.

This article in The Conversation is worth a read. Check it out!

Image via The Conversation

To read the full article, please click on: Most of Australia’s uni leaders are white, male and grey. This lack of diversity could be a handicap

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