Racist Dude Goes On A Tirade Whilst Cracking A Whip Outside The Chinese Consulate In Sydney

Racist dude was videoed outside of the Chinese Consulate-General in Sydney on April 1st, yelling out racist shit and cracking a whip in an attempt to threaten those waiting to get into the consulate. Her can be heard saying:

‘Death to communism! Wake up Australia! Wake up! No more s**t from China,’ 

‘I’ll put a bullet in the General Secretary’s head. I’m going to kill that leader of China.

Filthy f**ing commies. Trying to take over the world. No more.’

Whats worse, he then goes and blames people waiting to get into the Consulate for spreading coronavirus – blame that we as Asians are all familiar with of late.

‘We know it’s deliberate. Five million people left your country and spread that filthy f***king disease worldwide,’ 

‘I’m onto you. I know you deliberately released this virus.”

Wake up Australia! Be wise to these pr**ks.’ 

As Asian Australians, we are all witnessing these incidents on the media and on our social media, and it makes us feel as though we no longer belong in Australia. The racism coming out of the virus is going beyond the joke and has become so extreme that many of us are now scared and fearful to leave our houses for a walk, go to the shops or go to work. The only way things like this will stop is if we unite and stand against this racism.

Remember, if you have experienced any racism or know of anyone else who has, please report it to our COVID-19 Racism Incident Report.

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