Asian Australian DESMOND CHIAM Plays A Hunky Detective On ABC’S (US) Series “REEF BREAK”

Another awesome Asian Aussie breaking ground in Hollywood and someone who has been plugging away for quite awhile – DESMOND CHIAM has led a successful career over in the USA, featuring in a number of mainstream television commercials as well as a number of Australian and US television series. He was also a “bachelor” on the Wong Fu Productions web series “Asian Bachelorette 2”.

But more recently he has made the media waves playing a police detective “WYATT COLE” on ABC (US) summer series “REEF BREAK”. Asides from Hawaii Five-O, and ARCHIE KAO playing a tech analyst on “CHICAGO PD”, I really can’t think of any Asians who have played a police detectives on a US mainstream TV series – so yay for Asian representation and yay for Asian Australians. But seriously, what an awesome role for CHIAM, who is not only easy on the eyes for all the lady and gents, but also can pull off that silky long hair of his ( definitely must ask one day his hair care regime).

Anyways, having watched the episodes of “REEF BREAK”, it has really peaked my interest with the action and of course seeing CHIAM do his thing – so I would recommend everyone ( particularly all the Asians everywhere) to check it out.

We recently featured CHIAM in one of this site’s first posts titled: Top 10 Asian Australians Who Have Totally Nailed It In Hollywood, as one of the many ( and yes this article needs an update) Asian Aussies doing their thing in Hollywood. And just to remind you on his repertoire, here is the excerpt written about CHIAM:

” Another extremely nice guy and one who has awesome social media opinions ( love reading the stuff he writes on his Facebook), Chiam has had a successful career in Hollywood. I first saw him on various episodes on Australian series like Neighbours and Offspring and since then his career has taken off. He was a regular in the sci-fi series The Shannara Chronicles which was aired on Spike and is currently in pre-production for upcoming ABC (US) series Reef Break in one of the leading roles. Huge year for him in 2019. “

And yes, more to come for CHIAM I am sure ( psst, we will be reaching out to you for a one on one interview soon)!

Remember, if you can access ABC (US), please check out “REEF BREAK”, with episode 10 and 11 airing on Thursdays 9 and 10pm (PST).

Header image via Indiewire

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